For as long as I can remember, I have cared about what documents looked like. Yes, I was that person in school who had the perfect presentation of what may or may not have been the most perfectly researched paper. But I knew the secret even then: first impressions count.

While my career has primarily been focused on creating graphics for print and web, I have also worked as a crew member on a major motion picture, as an educator, and as a realtor, just to name a few. I strongly believe that creativity is encouraged by "getting outside of the box" from time to time. Through these travels outside my chosen field, I have learned about how other people view the world and new ways of approaching design.

But real-world graphics is about more than ideas. Undoubtedly, my most valuable experience came from working in the design department of a print shop. Here, the object of the game was to produce the best looking pieces in the least amount of time and most of all with zero production mistakes. Doing this every day for nine years gave me the crucial foundation on which all my other abilities are built. While we would all love to spend days and weeks daydreaming about design options, most clients want creative solutions now, and with the least amount of fuss. I get that.

But that doesn't mean I have lost my love for aesthetics. My design style could be described as simple, elegant, textural. I am very attracted towards traditional notions of balance and harmony and strive to employ good design principles in all of my projects, large and small. I believe all communications, printed and otherwise, should be pleasing to look at, regardless of purpose.

And above all else, they should make a good first impression!